bematic® push nonwovens production technology forward with help from Siriotek and Fraunhofer ITWM

As part of ongoing collaborative efforts focusing on development and optimisation of production technologies for nonwovens, Fraunhofer ITWM and Siriotek have completed feasibility investigations on bematic® latest airlay design “AioLos”. Results are very encouraging and bematic have now committed fully to the new design by confirming manufacturing of a full scale unit, with procurement of parts currently in progress.

The study aimed at simulating fibre dynamics inside the airlay to provide insights and data useful for optimising productivity and efficiency of the production process. It consisted of two sequential stages:

– Analysis of the airflow across the web forming cavity
A detailed CFD model was developed by Siriotek engineers which includes moving boundaries to simulate rotation of the main carding drum as well as linear motion of the porous belts designed to promote web formation and transport of nonwoven fabric
– Simulation of the fibre deposition process 
Results from the CFD analysis were passed to Fraunhofer ITWM for use with their proprietary software FIDYST (FIberDYnamics Simulation Tool). Using material data, density and size for polyester fibres scientists at Fraunhofer ITWM were able to predict motion of the fibres inside the airlay forming vane under the effect of turbulent airflow resulting from the CFD analyses performed at Siriotek, effectively simulating the deposition process on porous moving belts. A detailed technical description of the dynamic model predictive capabilities can be found at the following links:  [Article 1], [Article 2].
The feasibility study also included further investigations covering process speeds as well as optimal design for the carding wire to be installed on main drum and worker/stripper rollers operating upstream of the airlay aerodynamic vane. Results have been very encouraging and bematic have now committed fully to the new design by confirming manufacturing of a full scale unit, with procurement of parts currently in progress.
Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Founder and Chief Engineer at Siriotek: “The collaboration with ITWM and bematic has showcased the benefits of a joint technical/scientific approach to optimise airlay production processes for nonwovens. We are delighted that bematic have now committed to the new airlay concept by confirming a manufacturing and testing programme and we look forward to seeing the unit in operation”
Dietmar Hietel, Head of the Transport Processes Department at Fraunhofer ITWM: “ITWM’s contribution to this programme was possible thanks to our unrelented efforts in developing advanced methodologies and tools for process simulation, to which we remain fully committed. We are proud and pleased to collaborate with Siriotek and bematic to develop the next generation of production technology for nonwovens”
Giovanni Bettarini, Partner and Commercial director at bematic®: “Thanks to the collaboration with Siriotek and ITWM the feasibility study for the new airlay concept has been successful and bematic is ready to venture into manufacturing and assembly of a full scale unit. We look forward to delivering significant improvements in productivity and efficiency in nonwovens processing to our clients”
About bematic®
Founded in 1974 in Prato, Italy, Bettarini & Serafini, trading as bematic® have been pioneers in the development of processing lines for nonwovens, with an established reputation for reliability and innovation. Today bematic carding machines operate daily across the globe at leading production companies within diverse industries. bematic® provide highly customised turnkey solutions with a product portfolio covering both traditional carding systems as well as aerodynamic forming lines.
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Its integral components are consulting, implementation and support in the application of high-performance computing technology and the provision of customized software solutions. Our various competencies address a wide range of customers: automotive industry, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, energy and finance. This also benefits from our good networking, for example in the Simulation and Software-based Innovation Performance Center.
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